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Dr. Toft fosters such a welcoming environment for kids. She explains exactly what she is doing in a fun and unique way. My 5 year old daughter feels very comfortable going to Dr. Toft and is never apprehensive. Because of Dr. Toft's rapport with my daughter, she now talks of being a dentist. As a parent, I am very confident in Dr. Toft's skills.
-Jeff Sampson

Dr. Toft is an exceptional dentist. She is both professional and courteous. Dr. Toft makes my entire family feel special after each visit. She remembers us making each visit comfortable and relaxing. She has done an outstanding job of explaining to my youngest daughter the need to brush and floss regularly, in terms that appeal to a child. She has even gone out of her way to follow up with a personal note after the visit to help reinforce the needed behavior. Dr. Toft has a pleasant friendly demeanor which makes you want to follow her instructions and guidelines. Thanks to Dr. Toft my children enjoy going to the dentist without any fear or apprehension. As an adult, I value the forward-looking advice provided by Dr. Toft. She openly explains procedures and the underlying rationale, helping me prepare for procedures that may be needed in the future including identifying proactive changes to make now for better long term dental health. I greatly value the positive, professional, pleasant service provided by Dr. Toft and her staff.
Deanna B

We came to our daughter’s appointment today after a night of tears and fears. The poor thing was very afraid of today. I came back with her for comfort and was so grateful I did. Dr. Toft, you amazed and impressed me with the gentle way you worked with her. Thank you for taking the time to make dentists “good people” again in her world.
~A Grateful Mom (Ginny)

DR. TOFT... I just want to let you know that I have had NO PROBLEMS after having the tooth taken out. I Thank You for your wonderful work done. I knew when I found you as my dentist I would be satisfied...and that is why if anyone asks I give them your name.
Sharon G